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  • May 2020
    I am happy with my purchase.
    —CATRINEL P - 2014 Honda Fit Hybrid L Package
  • Apr 2020
    Drives well very economical in terms of fuel .highly recommended.
    —Vula R - 2014 Honda FIT Hybrid F Package
  • Mar 2020
    very nice car to drive, smooth and spacious for a little car.
    —Iona L - 2014 Honda Fit Hybrid F PKG
  • Mar 2020
    Uses so much less fuel but so much more powerful than my previous car, which was a 1 litre Toyota Vitz!
    —John N - 2014 Honda Fit HYBRID L PKG
  • Mar 2020
    Good wee car, very economical and drives well. Has more room in it than you think.
    —Lisa P - 2014 Honda Fit HYBRID
  • Mar 2020
    Really good!!
    —Nobuyoshi K - 2014 Honda Fit F-Package
  • Mar 2020
    A lot more storage space then you think looking at such a small car. Very economical I travel from rangiora to christchurch 5 days a week. I'm on week 3 now and I've only just gone under half a tank of gas.
    —Ayla F - 2014 Honda FIT HYBRID F-PKG
  • Mar 2020
    Big space for a sedan, fuel economy and great style.
    —ROMMEL P - 2014 Honda Fit Shuttle Hybrid
  • Mar 2020
    easy to drive
    —Richard L - 2014 Honda Fit SHUTTLE
  • Mar 2020
    Great little car, astounding fuel economy, yet very capable of passing cars on the open road, the way the seats fold offers huge storage space
    —Michael J - 2014 Honda Fit HYBRID
  • Feb 2020
    Honda Fit has a big flat cargo space and is very fuel efficient.
    —jungho P - 2014 Honda Fit HYBRID
  • Feb 2020
    Awesome car and very economic
    —Bruno D - 2014 Honda Fit Newshape, Hybrid, Low ks, nice n tiy
  • Feb 2020
    I am very pleased with this purchase
    —Claire S - 2014 Honda Fit Hybrid " New Model "
  • Feb 2020
    Very happy with my Honda Fit. Excellent ride and fuel consumption.
    —Marius M - 2014 Honda Fit
  • Feb 2020
    We own a similar model back in the Philippines and we were satisfied with the overall performance and space. That was our motivation to purchase a Honda Fit but a hybrid variant to be environment friendly
    —Aryan A - 2014 Honda FIT -Hybrid F-PKG
  • Feb 2020
    Pleased with vehicle, and no reason that this shouldn’t continue.
    —Neil P - 2014 Honda Fit HYBRID
  • Feb 2020
    Extremely happy with my purchase.
    —Janine A - 2014 Honda FIT Hybrid NEW MODEL
  • Jan 2020
    It's been a fantastic purchase. No problems with the car. My family loves the fuel savings.
    —Melissa C - 2014 Honda Fit F-PACKAGE
  • Jan 2020
    Very nice car, super cheap fuel cost.
    —Qing L - 2014 Honda Fit F-PACKAGE
  • Jan 2020
    Good people mover
    —IFRAZ A - 2014 Honda Fit HYBRID SHUTTLE
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